A Tough Florida Sinkhole Attorney Can Protect Your Home and Everything in It

Byrne Law Group has always stood up for Florida homeowner's rights, especially when it comes to sinkhole law. If you've been denied an insurance claim for a sinkhole that affects your home or business, call our experienced Florida sinkhole attorney for a free consultation.

Florida Sinkhole Laws: Shaky Ground

Any geologist, real estate agent or sinkhole attorney can tell you Florida is naturally prone to sinkholes. They cause everything from minor cracks in pavement to catastrophic collapses.

A few years ago, Florida sinkhole laws were weakened in favor of the insurance companies. That's when some property owners – maybe you – suddenly noticed a gaping hole in your sinkhole protection.

Call and speak directly to our expert sinkhole lawyer if your insurance company won't cover sinkhole damage on your property. You may be able to win compensation in court.

How a Sinkhole Claim Works

First, learn as much as you can about sinkholes and the law by checking out our Florida Sinkhole Law Center. When you're ready to make a claim with your insurance company, you can do the paperwork yourself or Byrne Law can file it for you.

After your claim is entered, an insurance adjuster will come to inspect your property. Then he'll arrange for sinkhole testing at the site. Based on the findings, a decision is made on coverage.

Important: If they deny your claim, it doesn't mean there's no sinkhole. It just means you may need to challenge them in court.

Florida sinkhole attorney John Byrne has helped hundreds of homeowners resolve their denied sinkhole claims in the courts. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. You can speak directly to John Byrne, Florida's toughest sinkhole lawyer, about your claim.

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