Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog bites can cause serious scarring, deep wounds, damage to muscles and tendons, emotional trauma, and sometimes even death. Dogs are animals - even the most calm and well behaved dogs can sometimes bite. If you or a loved one is bitten, immediately clean the wound and if necessary seek medical attention. You may want to notify law enforcement and animal control, particularly if you do not know the dog or its owner.You may be entitled to be compensated for your injuries, depending on certain factors such as the dog’s previous behavior, “beware of dog” warning signs, and if the animal was provoked or not.

Dog Bite Law Complex

Dog attacks can be painful and gruesome injuries - particularly attacks involving small children. It is important to identify the attacking dog and track down the dog’s owner. Certain types of dogs are presumed to be dangerous animals and may subject their owners to additional responsibilities and liability.

Florida Dog Bite Laws

Chapter 767.04, Florida Statutes, says that dog owners are strictly liable for any damages inflicted by his or her dog when the dog bites or attacks a victim who is lawfully on the dog owner’s property or when the dog is in public.

Florida law does not care if the dog has never been vicious before or if this is the first time it has bitten someone - there is no “get out of jail free” for the first attack.

Dog Doesn’t Need To Bite To Injure

Dogs don’t even need to bite a person to cause a serious injury!A larger dog who jumps up on a person, knocking them over, can cause serious bodily injury, head traumas, broken bones, and other serious side effects. Additionally dogs may cause people to trip and fall resulting in injuries, and dogs can even damage property - for instance running through and knocking out screens on patios. If you have been injured by a dog, even if you have not been bitten by the dog or the dog didn’t attack you, you still may be entitled to be compensated for losses you have suffered.

Help Prevent Dog Bites

Dogs are animals. They are unpredictable.Take steps to reduce the possibility of being attacked by a dog.Don’t allow children to interact with unfamiliar dogs, and never leave a child unsupervised with a dog. These additional safety tips might provide some additional assistance - but always be careful and only interact with dogs at your own risk!

  • Never approach an unfamiliar dog
  • Do not provoke a dog
  • Do not touch or pet a dog without letting them see and smell you first
  • Do not disturb a dog while it is eating, sleeping, or caring for its puppies
  • Never run from a dog and scream - it will only encourage the dog to chase
  • If knocked over by a dog, roll into a ball
  • Never leave a baby alone with a dog - even your longtime and trusted dog!
  • Seek immediate medical treatment for dog bites, particularly if from a stray!

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Important To Act Quickly After Injury!

After an injury occurs it can be very important to act quickly to preserve evidence. Witnessed need to be located, contacted and interviewed, the accident scene needs to be photographed, property owners need to be notified, and witness statements need to be quickly recorded before memories fade or change. Police reports may need to be filed, and incident reports may be important.Video camera footage may need to be preserved as well.

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